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Serving Herts, Beds and Bucks, Three Star Coaches is a well-established coach operator based in Luton providing high levels of comfort in coach hire for businesses, schools and social groups satisfying thousands of customers each year.

Terms and Conditions

Home to School  Private Bus Transport:


Company Terms and Conditions:


  • Bus Departure Times: Please arrive 5 mins before the scheduled departure time. The company does not accept any responsibility for any failures in reaching the bus on time. If you do miss the bus and you are in a car, then please go to the next available stop on the route.

  • Boarding: When boarding the bus, please find your seat immediately to allow other pupils to board the bus and put on your seat belt.

  • Awareness: Please be aware and ready to disembark when approaching your school and return stop

  • Mobile Phones: Mobile Phones are permitted on the bus and are strongly advised to all parents for their child/children to have one in case there are delays or other operational issues.

  • Behaviour: Good conduct is required at all times. The Company will not tolerate any bad behaviour or rudeness that prejudices the safety, comfort or well being of any passenger or driver.

  • Selected Seating: We now operate selected seating policy and is aimed at separating disruptive students who need to be separated form their usual seating arrangement.

  • Exclusion: In addition to the above, any reported misbehaviour to us will result in a phone call to you the parents. We will need reassurance that you have control over your child whilst on the bus. Any continued poor behaviour after this, could lead to your child being removed from the bus without any refund. Serious offences which includes confrontations between student-driver or student-student may result in termination of a student's travel. These will be thoroughly investigated and contact with the student's school will be made.

  • Do not distract the driver: During a journey, all passengers must accept the authority of the bus driver/escort(where applicable), without question,

  • Listening to Music, is permitted providing it is played via headphones.

  • Safety: Bags must be kept away from any aisles to prevent students passing by and falling over and to allow free movement of pupils when they board and disembark from the bus.

  • Eating and drinking (soft drinks): Eating and drinking is permitted in a limited way, (No Hot food) as long as the rubbish is placed in  removed from the coach when they leave.  Any misuse of this rubbish found on the floor left behind by pupils may lead to food and drinks being banned from the bus.

  • Bringing friends home. If you want to bring a friend home after school you will need to email the office in advance. There is a £5 charge

  • Personal Property/Lost Property: Passengers are responsible for all personal items taken on board the coach and it is strongly recommended that you do not leave any valuable items unattended. Three Star coaches does not accept any liability for any loss or damage to passengers' possessions/property.

  • Force majeure: An event beyond the reasonable control of Three Star Coaches which prevent it from performing its obligations under contract is a Force Majeure Event and shall include such events as an act of God, fire, bad weather (floods, storms etc.... - such circumstances will involve a consultation with the school first), riot, civil unrest, pandemics and acts of terrorism. In such events, the bus will not be able to operate for safety reasons and therefore Three Star Coaches will not be held accountable and will not be offering refunds. We will wherever possible alert you via text messaging or an email.

  • Early Cancellation:  Your commitment to us is for the whole term or Annually depending on your payment choice.  If you wish to terminate early, there is no guarantee that a partial refund will be offered.

  • Contact Details If you or your child details change during the term please let us know as soon as possible.


 This agreement is made between all transport users, their Parents/Guardians and Three Star Coaches.


Last Updated: 22nd June 2022

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